Bringing to life the experience of being at an early Pink Floyd concert.

Experience what only few have in the past.

The short-lived legendary lineup that paired Syd Barrett and David Gilmour together!

Todd McKeague as Syd Barrett
Steve Rutledge as David Gilmour
Scott Guberman as Richard Wright
Robert Sherwood as Roger Waters
Eamon Cronin as Nick Mason

This could be one of the most interesting Floyd tributes ever assembled. Musically based on the early recordings and newly available live outtakes (which are abundant) Five Man Floyd throws down the trump card, Gilmour! In January of 1968 shortly before Syd's exit long time friend David Gilmour begins gigging with the band making them once again (although briefly) a five piece.

Flash foward four decades and dozens of tributes later and we have Five Man Floyd. FMF has decided to go down a road which no one has before, either making themselves the dumbest group of musicians there ever was or the bravest. Time will tell.

The group, made up of all current and former tribute band veterans is, to say the least, not short on talent.

They are:

Todd McKeague, founder and creator of FMF is a thirteen year and running member of "Riders On The Storm" the world's most renowned tribute to The Door's for which he drums. [top]

Steve Rutledge, will forever be known as the new guy in "Riders on the Storm" but not in F.M.F, in this band he's known as "the guy". Classically trained, Ive seen him bring rooms full of Spaniards to their knees with his rendition of 'Spanish Caravan" while on tour in Europe. Let me put it this way: he plays a mean guitar.[top]

Scott Guberman, is widely known for his work with former members of The Grateful Dead. Tom"TC" Constanten and Vince Welnick both former keyboardist's of T.G.D have both looked to Scott to fill the second keyboard position and tour on many occasions.[top]

Robert Sherwood and Todd met while playing with Junior's Farm' a Paul McCartney / Beatles tribute back in 2002. Robert's background also puts hiim in the keyboardist's seat as a founding member of the legendary and recently reunited group The Malarian's.[top]

And last but not least, Eamon Cronin is one of the most well known and versatile drummers in The North East. As a founding member of "Physical Graffiti" and creator of" Riders on the Storm" he takes his work seriously. Some of Eamons other attributes include "The Midnite Sun"," The Eamon Cronin Band", and he is a frequent contributor with" Max Creek". But if you don't recognize his name yet just google it and be prepared to be reading for awhile.[top]